Using sounds for ambient alerting in a web startup

October 13, 2011

Over the last few weeks, Sylvain Kalache built a sound alerting system for the SlideShare office. What it does is make various noises in the slideshare office when a new subscription user signs up, cancels, or renews. It also makes sounds when a build fails, when a deployment to production starts, and when a deployment […]

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SlideShare Ditches Flash for HTML5

September 27, 2011

Watch our HTML5 gallery here. SlideShare today announced the biggest change since we started. We are now rendering presentations and documents using HTML5 instead of Flash. This is a milestone. 5 years ago, it was impossible to build something like SlideShare or Youtube without Flash. But the web has finally caught up. This project was […]

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Applying for a SlideShare internship? Make sure to read this first hand account…

September 17, 2011

Saket Choudhary is an engineering student from the Indian Institute of Technology, Mumbai who interned at the SlideShare Delhi office this summer (May15 – July15). He worked on an important internal project, which has since been rolled out to production. A couple of weeks back, Saket sent us this deck Sliding Summer on Rails@SlideShare that […]

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DevOps at SlideShare: Talk given at DevOpsDays Bangalore 2011

September 2, 2011

We’ve adopted DevOps as a part of our culture at SlideShare. We believe that it was essential for us in order to become an agile & lean organization. DevOps has helped us in many ways, especially in our goal to do multiple deployments a day on production. At the recently concluded DevOpsDays conference in Bangalore, […]

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The importance of silly projects

August 31, 2011

In engineering, we love to hack. It’s not just something we do because we get paid … it’s something we do for fun (that’s what’s kinda awesome about software engineering as a job). Obviously we’re usually working on the core product, building new features, fixing bugs, and refactoring code to make it harder/faster/better/stronger. But sometimes, […]

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Suicide Workers

May 4, 2011

At SlideShare, we process many thousands of documents a day. The documents come in all types, from PDF and PPT to Keynote files. The pace of uploads is heavy, and varies dramatically over time. The documents have to be processed from their native formats into a process that is sharable on the web. This is […]

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The Brady Calendar!

April 18, 2011

Came across this on SlideShare. Tells a geeky story – hilarious! Brady Calendar from GlobalLogic Ukraine

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How EC2 gave us a 130x throughput increase in generating millions of images

April 8, 2011

Images are a key part of the zillions of websites out there, and SlideShare is no different.  A few weeks back, we made some optimizations to load images below the fold lazily.  In this post, we discuss some more optimizations we have done to user profile pictures. Across SlideShare, there are primarily 3 sizes of […]

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Thoughts about cloud computing

March 30, 2011

I was fortunate enough to have a conversation with Microsoft’s Robert Duffner recently for his “Thought Leaders in the Cloud” Series (the conversation is available here). We talked for about 30 minutes about cloud computing blunders (something we’ve had plenty of experience with at SlideShare ;->) and the benefits of hybrid architectures. I think it’s […]

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Faster page loads with image lazy loading

March 14, 2011

Almost all traffic on slideshare goes to one type of page: the “view” page (the page where a document is displayed). As a result, we spend a lot of energy trying to tune the code that generates that page. Any decrease in page load time that we can get directly improves the user experience for […]

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