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SlideShare’s first experience with iOS and Swift

With little experience developing on iOS, SlideShare’s mobile team started working on our first iOS app in May. We had a small team of engineers, working on a not-yet-released version of iOS, using a brand-new programming language (Swift) — needless to say it was an exciting ride! Fast forward four months and we’ve just released our iOS 8 app, which allows users to view and save presentations, and discover content tailored to them, on a beautiful interface. Here is how we did it. We followed a process similar to the one we used with our Android app. Our new iOS… Read more »

Skynet Project – monitor, scale and auto-heal a system in the Cloud

Skynet is a set of tools designed to monitor, scale and maintain a system in the Cloud. Put more simply, it’s a system that is aware about what’s happening on every single machine so it can also know about how the cluster is doing as a whole. Background: Our document conversion infrastructure is running in EC2. Pay-as-you-go is great for us, as we can scale depending on the number of documents our users are uploading to SlideShare. We are firm believers in automation, so we decided to make the scaling process automated. The initial attempt was written in Bash, which… Read more »

Fluentd at Slideshare

SlideShare will be hosting the next Fluentd meetup July 8th at our San Francisco office. Fluentd is an open-source program that we have been using for the past year and a half that helps us with log management, carrying them from point A to point B in a fast and reliable way. Among a lot of good things about Fluentd, here are the three we like the most: Everything that goes in and out of Fluentd is JSON. Fluentd is written in about 2,000 lines of open source Ruby code. When you have an issue, you can just read/patch the… Read more »

Using sounds for ambient alerting in a web startup

Over the last few weeks, Sylvain Kalache built a sound alerting system for the SlideShare office. What it does is make various noises in the slideshare office when a new subscription user signs up, cancels, or renews. It also makes sounds when a build fails, when a deployment to production starts, and when a deployment to production is successfully completed, and for when the site goes down. Sounds are a really pleasant and natural way to signal attention-worthy events! The system was almost embarassingly easy to make (zero coding required): 1) First we configured the systems we wanted alerts from… Read more »