Brilliant Hacks at SlideShare Hackday 2013


The 2013 SlideShare Hackday was organized on 3rd and 4th October. It was 30 hours of pure hackery and fun. Brilliant hacks, great participation and good food made this the best SlideShare hackday ever! We managed to capture some of the moments here for you:-

What cooked? Over 28 teams registered themselves and 25 of them successfully completed the hack prototypes. There were many brilliant hacks such as: -

  1. Minority report ARDrone Quadcopter with Leapmotion Control that flies and hounds the developer who breaks the build by Jeba Singh Emmanuel
  2. HTML5 Presentations – Upload native HTML5 presentations to SlideShare (yay!) by Neha, Akshit, Nikhil
  3. Picturesque – Quickly create a SlideShare photodeck from your Facebook photo album by Hitesh, Apoorvi, Himanshu
  4. Pseudo upload – Upload to SlideShare directly from your Gmail attachments by Jasmeet, Nitish, Gaurav
  5. Slideshare for Weddings – Quickly create a visual wedding card and upload to SlideShare by Jai, Shishir, Vishu
  6. #Comment – Capture discussions on a deck from Twitter and bring it to SlideShare as comments on the deck by Pranav, Tushar, Arpit
  7. Let’s create content – Content creation platform on slideshare by Arpit D, Dheeraj, Saptarshi
  8. Speaking Decks – Listen to the slide transcripts Troy, Arun, Bubby
  9. Conversion dev setup on vagrant by Chris
  10. SlideCaster – Slidecast and Zipcast at the same time by CaseyA, Omar, Mark
  11. Recommend content based on historic user-slideshow interaction by Kunal Mittal, Karan Jindal, Anupam Jain, Hari
  12. SoS – Chrome Widget for creating Content by Anil, Atul, Prashant
  13. Mobile reader by Andri, Jesse, Ben Silver, Ellis
  14. Slideshow as Video on facebook by Nishant, Jack
  15. SlideShare Collections by Varun , Vivek
  16. Content Organizer by Archana, Deepti, Moumita
  17. Photodeck – turn your album into slidedeck by Amit Banerjee
  18. Improved Transcript by Akash
  19. Infographic résumé by Simla Ceyhan, Sylvain Kalache, Yifu Diao
  20. Share with a click – share open positions on SS careers page to LI/Facebook by Priyanka R
  21. Rietveld on CentOS by Toby
  22. Think Mobile – Preview how your SlideShare deck appears on mobile devices by Ajay
  23. Convert blogs into SS decks by Subhendra Basu & Rashi

Who won? Each hack explored a different idea from a unique perspective. The most well-executed idea won. Here are the results –

Delhi Office:
1st Prize: Slideshare for Weddings by Jai, Shishir, Vishu
2nd Prize. HTML5 Presentation Support by Akshit, Neha, Nikhil

SF Office:
1st Prize: SlideCaster by Casey A, Omar & Mark.
2nd Prize: Infographic résumé by Simla, Sylvain & Yifu

Worthy mentions

  • Let’s create content (Arpit D, Dheeraj, Saptarshi)
  • Think Mobile (Ajay)
  • #Comment (Arpit B, Pranav, Tushar)

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