DevelopHer Hackday Delhi

DevelopHer Hackday Delhi
Announcing DevelopHer Hackday Delhi at SlideShare’s New Delhi office. First of its kind event! Same dates as DevelopeHer Hackday in the Bay Area organized by LinkedIn. Come on women geeks and hackers.. this is your stage! Form a team, code all night, create something awesome, and present it to the judges to win prizes.

Dave McClure (silicon valley guru, investor & founder of 500startups) and Rashmi Sinha will be judging the event. Participants in the winning team get an Apple Macbook Air each. Participants in the team winning the Second Prize get Apple iPads.

Are you ready? If you have not registered yet, hurry and register at for the Hackday on Saturday, June 30th and Sunday, July 1st.

DevelopHer is being organised by LinkedIn at its Mountain View office. DevelopHer Hackday Delhi is a parallel event being organised by SlideShare (which is a part of LinkedIn now) at their New Delhi office

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