DevOps at SlideShare: Talk given at DevOpsDays Bangalore 2011

We’ve adopted DevOps as a part of our culture at SlideShare. We believe that it was essential for us in order to become an agile & lean organization. DevOps has helped us in many ways, especially in our goal to do multiple deployments a day on production.

At the recently concluded DevOpsDays conference in Bangalore, we presented our experiences and achievements as we embraced DevOps at SlideShare. Here are the slides of the talk we gave at the conference:

The conference itself was a good learning experience. This was the first (of hopefully upcoming many) DevOpsDays conference in India held at ThoughtWorks Bangalore office. There were solid techies speaking on subjects like Puppet, parallelizing tests, RoR deployment patterns, DTrace etc. Also, there were 5 minute ignite talks, Open Space discussions and good socializing to go along. Overall, a good effort put together by @AjeyGore & his team.

Just in case, you like to stay on the cutting edge and are excited by DevOps, you should know that we’re hiring.

Kapil Mohan & Mayank Joshi