API Launch : oEmbed

We have recently started supporting oEmbed. oEmbed is an open standard which supports embedding of media on your web site. You can use slideshow URL to easily obtain the embed code for that SlideShow.

The oEmbed Specs is the best place to know about oEmbed. SlideShare supports oEmbed specification for making the embeddable media available through its oEmbed API endpoint.

Quick Example Call:


The response format can be specified as ‘json’ or ‘xml’ in the request.

XML response format

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> 
  <html> { The oEmbed version number } </html> 
  <type> { Media type } </type> 
  <height type="integer"> { Embed media height } </height>
  <width type="integer"> { Embed media width } </width> 
  <provider-name>{ Embed content provider, SlideShare }</provider-name> 
  <provider-url> { URL of the provider } </provider-url>
  <thumbnail> { Thumbnail URL } </thumbnail> 
  <thumbnail-height type="integer">{Thumbnail height}</thumbnail-height> 
  <thumbnail-width type="integer">{Thumbnail width}</thumbnail-width> 
  <author-name> { Author of embed content } </author-name> 
  <version> { oEmbed version number } </version> 
  <author-url> { Author SlideShare homepage } </author-url> 
  <title> { Embed content title } </title>   

SlideShare’s oEmbed API documentation is available at : http://www.slideshare.net/developers/oembed

An example use case of oEmbed is the recently developed WordPress Embed plugin for SlideShare. This plugin uses our oEmbed end point to fetch the embed code for a slideshow and replaces this embed player with the respective link in the WordPress post.

-Jai Pandya, Software Engineer, SlideShare

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